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At FTI we offer exciting opportunities for realizing your career goals! We have some early career opportunities and are seeking entry-level engineers for career opportunities in:

If you’re ready to impact the future, please send your resume to:jobs@ftisd.com

Note: We will call you if we are interested.

Management Acceleration Program

The Management Acceleration Program (MAP) is one of our key early career and leadership opportunities at FTI. It is designed to provide participants with multiple and diverse developmental experiences within the program. Functional rotations are complemented by technical and leadership training, as well as socialization and team building activities that include exposure to senior leadership. MAP is broken into three, one-year assignments followed by a final two-year assignment. We recruit students with the following majors:

Through experiences in multiple business units and geographic locations, MAP participants build strong foundational skills, create networks, manage projects, and assume increasing levels of responsibility to prepare them for successful careers with FTI.

If you are interested in such The above program, please forward an email to: Jonathon@ftisd.com

Interns / Co-ops

Internship / co-op positions are available year-round and scheduling is flexible to accommodate academic schedules. FTI interns / co-ops participate as members of project teams in engineering, manufacturing, sales, or business areas that complement academic curricula with relevant hands-on experience. Working side-by-side with some of the most talented people in the manufacturing industry, this experience provides an excellent opportunity for academic and career growth.

Every year a number of elite undergraduate and graduate students are selected to participate in the FTI Internship Co-op Program at our facility located in National City, Ca.

Program Overview

The FTI Internship Co-op Program enables undergraduate and graduate students to explore many exciting career opportunities in the manufacturing industry. The internship program typically lasts 10-12 weeks. Interns work side-by-side with our engineers, accountants, project managers, and other professionals on important client orders and management issues. Interns are assigned to a project or division based on their academic discipline, needs of the organization, and potential contribution. By the end of the assignment, interns gain a thorough understanding of FTI operations and the satisfaction that the work completed greatly contributed to the success of the company. Interns also learn about the many other career opportunities available in manufacturing. The internship experience is not soon forgotten and is one that benefits students in all future endeavors.

Required Qualifications

Because of the selective nature of the Internship Program, a limited number of internships are awarded each year. Only individuals possessing strong academic credentials, outstanding character, and the willingness to proudly represent FTI upon returning to their respective campuses will be selected. In order to be considered, individuals must meet all of the following qualifications at application time:


How to Apply

Candidates interested in applying for an FTI internship position should submit their resumes online to: jobs@ftisd.com

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